Education and Training

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Ordinance No. 1918, Section 5.25.060 (f):

Each applicant for a Registration Certificate, including without limitation the Owner and the Owner’s agent and/or representative, shall annually attend and or participate in an educational program devised and administered by the City Manager for the purpose of training applicants for vacation rental registration certificates, or renewals thereof, on their respective roles and responsibilities in the successful administration and compliance of the City’s Vacation Rental program.  Each applicant shall annually take a test prepared and administered by the City Manager and Registration Certificates will not be issued or renewed until the applicant has successfully passed such test.

Department Plans:

Content will be included on , including the following modules in a new website section called “Education and Training”:

  • Resource Guides (FAQs, Ordinance, Admin Regs,…)
  • Contract requirements  - CLICK HERE FOR TRAINING VIDEO
  • Statement of Rules and Regs/Good Neighbor Brochure/Meet and Greet requirements
  • Compliance with safety requirements (checklist and electrician’s cert)
  • Completing the contract summary
  • Local Contact responsibilities
  • Posting requirements (in the home and on advertising)
  • Common violations/citations/appeal process
  • Maintaining records
  • Monthly TOT reporting and payment requirements
  • Registration Certificate renewal; transfers; closing a Registration Certificate

Online test will be posted (separate for owner, agency, condo and Homeshare).  Test will be multiple choice between 15-25 questions.

Starting TBD, for all new and renewal applications:

  • Owners must take test and provide a printed confirmation with the new or renewal application.
  • Agency must confirm on all applications that all agency individuals communicating (verbal, written, in person) with a guest of a Vacation Rental with respect to that property has taken the test.